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A better way to organize and share your work

Whether you’re a graphics artist, designer or a VFX editor, you should have the ability to focus on the creative work you love.


Copository is a collaboration tool for file management designed to replace version control systems for people working on the creative side of game development.

We are game developers ourselves and every time we worked on a project, we encountered the same problem: artists and designers have to learn and use a version control system like Git. We thought it was unnecessary and developed a tool to help us solve problem.

You can now forget version control and focus on doing the creative work you love without worrying how to get your files shared to other developers and designers.

Now we are sharing that tool with the world.

Let’s change the game industry forever.

Have you ever

  • Struggled to use version control software or your repository has bloated from binary files?
  • Shared files via Google Drive, Dropbox or other cloud services with your team?
  • Passed a load of external USB sticks and drives around to share files?

If you answered yes to any of these, Copository is the solution for you and your team.

Viversion Copository

No version control software required.

Forget pushing, pulling, merging and conflicts. Forget terminals and 3rd party UI software.

Everything is synchronized for everyone. Automatically.​

Copository synchronizes data in the background and you can focus on the creative work you love.


Switching computers? No problem! Copository works on Windows, macoS and Linux.

Works alongside existing version control software.

Artists and designers can use Copository, while programmers can use a version control software of their choosing.

It works like magic.

Secure cloud-based file management.

No on-site servers required. Everything is stored on our servers securely. Files are backed up regularly so you don't ever lose your work.

Keeps track of who is working on what file.

Copository soft locks files that are currently being worked on so duplicate edits are not possible.

Choose the right plan for you and your team

Copository Free

Try out Copository free of charge.

0per month

Copository Indie

Great for teams under 10 people in size.

TBA / seatper month

Copository Pro

Designed for larger teams and projects.

TBA / seatper month

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